Episodul 11: Addiction for oina, a family tradition
The villagers of Olteni gather on a Sunday morning on a field a mile away from the village center. Some came by cars that they parked in a line that marks where the forest starts. Others crossed the railway on their bikes and some of them even walked. The game supposed to start at 10 hasn’t started yet. People are still gathering and players take their equipment out of their trunks and head to the forest where they change as if it’s a locker room. Others are already warming up. Every year on Saint Mary’s holiday, the Georgescu brothers organize an oina game in their father’s memory. Both brothers followed the footsteps of their father and play oina. Mihai is the team captain of Frontiera Tomis Constanta. Nicolae Pasarica the best oina player in history says Mihai is the best oina player at the moment. His team won the championship the last few years “I feel honored. You can imagine this coming from the greatest player”, says Mihai Georgescu. “I feel amazing when people appreciate me. They probably appreciate my commitment and the talent that I inherited. And if Pasarica said so than I am on the right track.” The game begins and the first team up to bat is the elders. After the first half the score is tied and fight is harsh. People of all ages came to see the 8th memorial oina game and they are lined up and cheering loud. The Georgescu Brothers usually don’t invite outside teams to participate. The game is played between the villagers. One team is made of the older generation of oina players, the same people that played with Mihai’s father and the other team is formed of youngsters that play oina at the village sporting club, Juventus Olteni. “The youngsters have high ambitions to win the game against the elders that have been playing the sport for over 25 years”, says Mihai Georgescu. The young team won the match and all the players took home medals. Trophies were given to each team to represent their participation in the 8th game. After the game, the Georgescu family invited everybody for a meal at their house in the village.
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