Episode 2: How it's played
An oina game is played between two teams of 11 players. The field is 70m / 225feet long and 32m/ 104 feet wide. In comparison to a soccer field that is 105m / 344feet long and 68m/ 223 feet wide. One team is batting and the other is catching but both teams are able to score points. The game is divided in two halves with no time limit. The team that is at catching is distributed on the field like this: the forward in the bat area, the quarterback in the back area and the rest of the 9 players in circles inside the field. The players cannot change their position during the game. The field is split in two by a line that forms two lanes: going lane and returning lane. The batting team hits the ball in the field and scores 0, 1 or 2 points depending on the distance the ball travels. The team scores 2 points if the ball passes the end line.The player that hit the ball must pass through the two lanes without being hit by the ball thrown by the opposing team. The player in the lane can only defend himself with his palms. If the runner is hit anywhere on his body besides his palms, the other team wins two points. Another batter comes next and enters the “going” lane and the player in the back area enters the returning lane. The half ends when all the players of one team passed through both of the lanes. A complete rules guide is available on the Romanian Oina Federation website.
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