Episode 8: Miss Oina
It’s Saturday evening in Mioveni, a town that is well known for the production of Romania’s most popular car maker - Dacia automobiles. Throughout the scorching hot day, oina games were played at the city’s stadium until the children became tired and overheated. Following the games, all of the parties involved gathered for dinner at a restaurant near the city. Players, coaches, referees and organizers car-pooled out for a night of relaxing. Lots of children are sitting at the tables. The Teenage girls put on make-up in the bathroom and the little ones pull over their cozy summer t-shirts, the traditional Romanian costumes. The jury’s table is still empty; the judges still mingle with the coaches and referees. The gift bags and crowns are aligned behind the jury’s table next to the DJs booth. Above the DJ’s booth there’s a banner that reads: “Miss Oina contest – Mioveni 2013”. The contest is structured on the age category exactly like the championship: Juniors I, II and III. And it starts. For the first challenge the girls have to present the Romanian traditional costumes from the area of their origin. The second challenge is the talent show. All the 16 girls have to demonstrate to the jury that not only are they beautiful but they can also sing, dance and recite poetry. The last challenge puts their Oina knowledge to the test. The girls dress up in their uniforms and pick a question from a hat. All the questions are regarding the rules of the oina game. While the jury decides, the DJ starts the music and all the kids gather on the dance floor to dance along very popular song like “Macarena” and “Meneaito”. After the dance session the jury announces the winners and everybody rushes to eat dinner and get back to the hotel. Tomorrow is another big day the girls have to prove on the field that they are not only beautiful but also oina champions.
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