Episodul 9: Rivals for Life
In the oina world there are three major rival teams that meet on the field of every major competition: Biruinta Gheraesti, Straja Bucuresti and Frontiera Tomis Constanta. Each team desires to win the second playoff of the National Championship that takes place on September 9 in Bucharest. The egos are huge; Biruinta Gheraesti has reopened the club in 2008. Their junior teams won the most prizes in oina no matter where they played: field, sand or inside and they hope to achieve the same results with the senior team in the following years. “We always take pride in the trophies,” says Andrei Adrian, the president of the club. “We show them to anyone that visits us in Gheraesti.” And coach Mihai Blaj adds, “Our secret in Gheraesti is that we have tradition.” The club’s management team says that the president of the Oina Federation doesn’t like them that much. ” We won in 2010 Romania’s Cup in Constanta and that was a big disappointment for them”, says Adrian. “They were very upset. They even had everything ready for the champion’s party and we came and won the Cup. The awards ceremony was so brief...” says Adrian. The clubs president believes that things like a biased referee can only make his team more ambitious. A lot of players became legends on Team Dinamo and it’s now called Straja Bucuresti, the oldest team established in 1949. The captain of the team, Radu Jerlaianu started paying oina in grade school and has more than 35 years experience. Jerlaianu remembers fondly of the 80s when oina was very popular. Today his name is well known among the people who still cherish the game. “We aren’t as popular as the soccer players that appear on television and I don’t get recognized on the street but I’m known in the oina circles”, says Jerlaianu Mihai Georgescu is the captain of the team Frontiera Constanta; he is the best oina player at the moment. Since he moved to Constanta in 2006 his team only lost one cup and one championship. “The game on Sunday against Straja, our rival for years and my old team, is decisive,” says Georgescu. Now the president of the Oina Federation, Nicolae Dobre saw an Oina game eight years ago while he was working as border patrol. In that moment he decided to try and revitalize the sport. Dobre helped the team from Constanta become the champion team of Romania.
“The team was among the favorites for the title but it wasn’t the national champion team. I managed to form a good team to give her a new soul”, says Nicolae Dobre. The decisive match for the national title was played between Straja Bucuresti and Frontiera Contanta. The winner was Frontiera Constanta that managed to secure the 4th consecutive title and the 9th title in the history of the sporting club. This year the team also won the King’s Cup and Romania’s Cup and they plan on winning the national title for oina played inside, a competition that will take place in December.
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